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BAGS &               PURSES


Chala Handbags -

intricate design and Vegan offerings

Ameribags - healthy back bags for men or women .  In basic solid colors or fun prints!


Socks that can help your feet breathe, move your circulation or provide relief from plantar facitis.  That's what you will find in the variety of brands we carry.   


An ever changing variety of jewelry.  We have bracelets in a variety of themes.  Introducing Anju's Omala Collection - upcycled from animal horn -  earrings and necklaces to tempt the most unique of tastes.

New Omala collection

Works harder and smells better than the stuff you're using right now.

Duke Cannon


Duke Cannon - not just a men's product line - the funniest stuff you'll EVER read on a box of soap!  Offering a variety of products that are Made in USA and benefiting veterans.

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