S a n d a l s   &   w e d g e s 

maddison sage.png

Maddison                       $ 139.95

Maddison Black

Maddison Blue

Maddison Brick

Maddison Sage* 

Maddison Yellow

Morocco                           $ 149.95

Morocco Black*

Morocco Natural

morocco blk.png
tulip blue.png

Tulip                                $ 139.95

Tulip Black

Tulip Tan

Tulip Blue*

Isadora                               $ 139.95

Isadora Black

Isadora Natural*

isadora tan.png

A newer brand out there in the marketplace and new for us this year.  We are excited to introduce Biza into our comfort fashion group.

Leathers that are sourced from Spain with amazing color palettes and definition.  The variety of  sandals that we are offering has a diverse feel and the unique styles give you a different look everyday!

                    Biza sandals offer:

  • Soft leather linings and Premium leather uppers 

  • Memory foam cushioned footbed

  • Flexible and durable rubber outsole

  • Adjustable straps, back straps, multi-color