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Brand Discontinued

Verve Loafer                            $ 169.95

21000427_Verve Black Leather.png

Black Leather

Rhythm Lace Up                      $ 169.95

21030672_Rhythm Neutral Paint.png

Neutral Paint

Aquatic Glacier

Black Mesh

Moshn Tech.jpg
21030639_Rhythm Black.png
21030667_Rhythm Aquatic Glacier.png

moshn® is a new type of shoe to help you move effortlessly throughout your day. Reserving your energy for the things you love to do and keeping you one step ahead of the things you have to do.


Gray Dawn



Leap Lace Up (wide)               $ 169.95

Leap Black.png





Leap Antler.png
Leap Blue Indigo.png
Leap Moss.png

Created for people constantly on the move and designed with:

  • A variety of Easy to Clean uppers to keep you looking and feeling fresh

  • Our revolutionary Dynamic Motion Technology™: stability in the heel with an enhanced toe spring that naturally moves you forward.

  • Slip-Resistant PurGrip® Outsole: the ultimate traction on slippery surfaces so you are confident every step of the way.

  • A removable TruComfort® Insole: improves alignment with proper arch + heel support. Our Extra thick PU foam has cushion that doesn’t quit.


Meaning you feeling good all day.

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