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Definitely NOT the TikTok Generation

I'm in my 50's. I don't feel old. I feel that I am reasonably up-to-date on the music and trends out there - even if they might not be my style or taste - BUT I have determined that I will never be part of the TikTok Phenomena. I have seen some of the trends, some of the videos that go viral and I swear my IQ drops a point or two. I glance thru the paper most days. I like the comics, the editorials and occasionally, I'll see a human interest piece that will catch my attention.

The following article was in the RJ on 3/17/23 in the Sun on page 6. I read the headline - okay maybe interest peaked - I read the section headers - interest overload!! I had to read it all. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Really? People are doing these things BECAUSE they are on TikTok?? How is this possible? What has happened to us? Maybe a couple of these things I could see people wanting to try - the rest - I have no words.

Yes, I am being judgey. BUT, OMG!!! What happened to the spoofs that - "just because it's on the internet it must true" - stuff? Just because it's on TikTok and some person is doing this to themselves does not mean you should follow. Stampedes - you know, many animals will follow the pack without realizing what is actually going on. Sometimes they will injure, even kill themselves, following the herd in their haste to get away.

You be the judge - Would you try some of these things??

Can you even imagine WHY you would?

This is just my opinion. I realize it has nothing to do with shoes - but I just couldn't get it out of my head.

10 TikTok Food Trends You Should Never Try By Corrie Cooks / Wealth of Geeks / Associated Press / Feb 23, 2023

Food influencers and content creators on social media are having a major impact on the way we eat. On TikTok alone, videos with #food have been viewed over 360 billion times and have given way to some of the most popular food trends in recent years. However, this does not mean that all of these food trends are safe, even if millions of people are following them.

Here are 10 of the most popular TikTok food trends you should definitely steer clear of and what you could try instead.

1. Washing Raw Chicken

If you frequently turn to TikTok for your recipes, you have probably seen many creators washing their raw chicken before preparing it. However, this incredibly dangerous practice could further spread bacteria and pathogens to other food and utensils. According to a study conducted by the USDA in 2019, 60% of participants who washed their chicken prior to preparing had bacteria in their sink and the surrounding area after washing.

2. Nacho Tables

We've all seen the videos where the family dining room table gets covered with aluminum foil and then covered with a smattering of chips, meat, and nacho cheese for a communal dining experience. While this may seem like a fun and dish-free way to dine, considering we are in the midst of a pandemic, it really only becomes a breeding ground for cross-contamination. In order to make it a safe and healthy way to consume food, each person would need to wash their hands before touching the nacho table each time.

3. Sleepy Chicken

This food trend would have home chefs marinating and cooking their chicken in NyQuil. Whether people are actually embracing this trend remains to be seen. Regardless, it is not a safe way to consume cold medication.

4. Lemon Coffee

Adding a squeeze of lemon to your coffee has been toted on TikTok as a weight-loss aid. While there are studies to support that caffeine can assist in burning calories while at rest, and lemon has many nutritional benefits, the combination has no scientifically proven benefits. In fact, the additional acidity can lead to acid reflux, tooth enamel loss, heartburn, and likely a terrible-tasting beverage.

5. Toaster Grilled Cheese

Many TikTok food trends are aimed at making your life easier, and this toaster grilled cheese was born in an attempt to save you time in the kitchen. However, it is important that any kitchen appliances are only used as intended. Melting cheese in your toaster could cause your toaster to short, spark, and potentially catch fire. 6. Inserting Garlic in Your Nose

Considering all of the various cures and preventative measures people were turning to during a global pandemic, this one shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Som TikTokers have claimed that stuffing garlic cloves inside your nostrils will help clear your sinuses. Stuffing things inside your nose should really be left to the professionals, though. If you want to clear out your sinuses, the Mayo Clinic recommends applying a warm compress to your face, drinking water, and nasal lavage.

7. Internal Shower

The "internal shower" drink has been showing up on TikTok as a way to detoxify by drinking copious amounts of chia seeds mixed with lemon water. This trend is dangerous as well as unnecessary. Our bodies are well equipped to detoxify naturally, and taking dietary fibers in extreme amounts can put undue pressure on our liver, kidneys, and digestive systems. To increase your fiber intake, it is safer to include whole foods that are rich in fiber, like fruits and vegetables, instead of forcing yourself to ingest an undesirable gelatinous substance.

8. Chlorophyll Water

This trend involves many unproven claims, from clearing acne-prone skin to more energy and detoxifying your blood. While all of these claims are entirely unsubstantiated, drinking chlorophyll water can't hurt. It can even be an excellent way to supplement nutrients found in dark green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and spinach. Just ensure you never exceed the recommended dosage of chlorophyll drops.

9. Dry Scooping

Dry scooping is a trend that recommends taking pre-workout supplements without water. The benefits of pre-workout supplements are debatable when taken correctly but taking them without water increases the risk of choking. It also heightens the risk of caffeine overdose resulting in vomiting, heart palpitations, anxiety, and GI tract upset. 10. What I Eat in a Day Videos

The trend of TikTokers documenting what they eat in a day has been around for a while and can serve as some good inspiration for those looking to explore an alternative or a healthier diet. However, these videos can also be triggering to those who have a problematic relationship with food. It's essential when looking for inspiring content to focus on videos that talk about the WHYs of their daily food intake and not the WHATs.

That's the article. I'm glad they're telling people to steer clear. But getting the pictures for this blog was SUPER easy - because there were SO MANY available of people doing these things and posting about it.

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