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Desert BirkenTalk: Aetrex and the Healthy 3

Join your hosts T-n-T (Tiffany and Tashari) as they discuss the Aetrex brand and the ‘Healthy 3’.

What is the Aetrex Healthy 3? 1. ORTHOTICS to help with pronation, alignment, and weight distribution 2. ANTI-MICROBIAL to help with odor and bacteria 3. MEMORY FOAm FOOTBED for ultra comfort that conforms to your feet.

LADIES AETREX HEALTHY 3 STYLES INCLUDE: —————————————— Janey in Black Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/janey-in-black-leather/

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Jillian in Black Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/jillian-in-black-leather/

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Jillian in Gold Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/jillian-in-gold-leather/

Jillian in Gunmetal Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/jillian-in-gunmetal-leather/

Jillian in Navy Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/jillian-in-navy-leather/

Jillian in Red Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/jillian-in-red-leather/

Naya in Black Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/naya-in-black-leather/

Naya in Bronze Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/naya-in-bronze-leather/

Mia in Black Leather: http://desertbirkenstock.com/womens-shoes/mia-in-black-leather/

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