FAQ: Answering your questions about cleaning your Birkenstock Sandals & Shoes

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Join T-n-T as they answer questions from YouTube users! After doing a few of our Birkenstock cleaning videos, we were receiving questions in the comments from viewers with specific questions they had as they were watching. We wanted to make a video that would answer those questions about cleaning your Birkenstock sandals & shoes, the cleaning products used, and other shoe care and repair tips. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, skip ahead to the times below to get right the answer you need.

00:00   About this video 00:51    Introduction Song 00:59   What happens if you get your Birkenstocks wet? 03:42   What can I do about footprints in my footbed? 04:32   How to clean muddy Birkenstock sandals 07:01   All about using stain repellent 09:15   Removing cork sealant from footbed 12:53   Rain caused black spots on my oiled leather clogs, now what? 14:35   Mink oil on dry, dull leather? 16:12   Will mink oil cause my Birkenstock Boston’s to lose its shape? 17:33   How to clean a nubuck brush 18:03   The bottoms of my feet turn brown from my Birkenstock, what can I do about that? 18:53   Why Soxsols? 20:38   Can I spray stain repellent on my footbed? 21:27   What is the water & stain repellent for? And where do I apply it to my Birkenstock shoes? 22:29   In what order do I clean my shoes? 24:25   Subscribe to our YouTube channel 24:42   Closing Song and credits

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