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Everyday Use

The THERABAND Foot Roller is great for everyday pain relief. Foot pain can be the result of rigorous workouts, long days on your feet, or simple walks into the office every morning. No matter what is causing the foot pain, a THERABAND Foot Roller can provide a gentle foot massage that alleviates discomfort and soreness. The roller stretches the plantar fascia and increases flexibility to help treat heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

Cold Therapy

THERABAND Foot Rollers can be kept in the fridge or freezer to be cooled and used as a cryotherapy treatment. This gives it a cold, soothing feel on sore muscles and joints. Cold therapy is ideal for reducing inflammation and general soreness after physical activities.

On-the-Go Therapy

The Foot Roller is compact and portable, making on-the-go foot therapy easier than ever before. Leave it next to the bed for a relaxing foot massage after a long day, or start the day off right by stretching your plantar fascia, toes, and foot pad in the morning. It can also be kept in a gym bag to relieve pain after working out.


  • Overview

    • Can be placed in the fridge or freezer to provide a cooling sensation which helps reduce inflammation or pain
    • Small and compact for travel, many people keep it next to their bed, in a gym bag, in the freezer, or under their desk for quick access to therapeutic pain relief
    • With a hollow center core, the natural latex material flexes, even when chilled, to conform to the shape of your foot and deliver a custom feel for any sized foot
    • Provides a big toe stretch for individuals with plantar fasciitis or a gentle foot massage for increasing flexibility and treating tired, achy feet
    • Includes basic exercise instructions written by a licensed physical therapist to help achieve the best results in pain relief and massage
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