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C l o g  s   &    S h o e s 

We are a local independent shoe store with a big selection of comfort footwear.  we want to help you get the right item.  we don't sell shoes online. - which means we would like you to come into the store - so we can talk to you.   

Customer service can mean many things - we try to make it personal.  

Classic Clog                  $ 139.95


8133 - Black Cherry

8100 - Chestnut

163  - Hello Doily

7411 - Sweet Emotions

7613  - Peaceful Easy 


Keli Loafer                    $ 139.95


Resa Shoe                               $134.95

8110 - Grey Gardens

8107 - Relaxed Tar

Rowen Boot                            $154.95

unnamed (2).jpeg
unnamed (1).jpeg

8108 - Relaxed Cocoa

8109 - Relaxed Moss

8107 - Relaxed Tar

unnamed (5).jpeg

8141 - Chocolate Luster

601 - Black Nappa

7468 - Free Hand

kel 7468_edited.png

Kayla Clog                               $129.95

kay 601.jpeg

601- Black Nappa

Paloma MaryJane               $ 139.95


8101 - Night n Gale

Duette Loafer                    $ 99.95


7480 - Aged Ash

7479 - Aged Twilight

7470 - Aged Ink


Seville Clog                  $ 139.95

unnamed (4).jpeg

8142 - Sail Away

Joleen Monk Strap             $ 139.95

unnamed (3).jpeg

7585 - Class Act

8145 - Amaze Me

W a t e r    f r i e n d l y   s a n d a l s 

Ode Water Thong        $59.95

7441 - Black Gloss

7456 - Sand Gloss

7450 - Sayulita Days

7423 - Garden Chic


163 - Casual Friday

7804 - Kindred

7503 - Primetime

Orbyt Water  Slide        $59.95

7447 - Fruit Punch

7423 - Garden Chic

7446 - Miami Beach


f o o t b e d s

Replacement Footbed      $29.95 - 34.95



Hi - Arch


Most of Alegria's styles have a removable footbed.  This allows the wearer to change out the footbed when it has become uncomfortable and worn or accommodate a wider foot in the same shoe. 

You can also replace them in store for an older pair or when it's time for a new pair  - check out the fit difference between the various beds.  We can trade it out at no cost when new.

ale footbed.jpeg

Alegria by PG Lite® started with a simple idea in mind — to create comfortable shoes that invoke happiness. We bring this concept to life by designing shoes using supple leathers, vivid prints, and then pairing each distinctive creation with our patented footbed.


With over two decades of experience dedicated to comfort footwear, our footbed design offers ample arch and heel support to help relieve stress on the legs, hips and back from long hours on the feet. Available in casual wear, professional wear, sandals, wedges, heels, and boots. There is blissful comfort to be found in every style.

Alegria by PG Lite® has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance.  Our patented footbed is the foundation of our shoes and is the secret behind every pair of Alegria’s! The patented Classic Footbed is comprised of specially formulated soft polyurethane, cork, and memory foam and ergonomically designed to mold to the natural contours of the feet.

Untitled design.png

Find a style or pattern you like?

Don't Wait!   

Patterns can change every 6 months.  And did you notice the buckles on every pattern are different.  Matched to complement the print they go with.  The attention to detail and unique design make Alegria the perfect comfort shoe staple in your closet!

Great for a variety of professions- their shoes, clog, sandals, boots can fit into any workplace!


  •  Medical/ Nursing:  Comfort and safety are necessary features in the medical workplace, shoes in our Professional collection spotlight popular styles with those qualities in mind. Built upon our patented footbed design while adding the assurance of a slip-resistant outsole and stain resistant upper for easy care. 

  • Culinary/Hospitality:  Perfect for occupational fields that require standing for long periods of time, these styles are built to provide support.  The foundation of comfort comes from our patented footbed made from memory foam, cork and polyurethane.

  • Teaching:  Whether it's whimsical and fun or smart and practical, Alegria has a wide range of styles for teachers that will provide comfort all day long.

  • Career/Fashion:   Our Career Fashion Collection represents our most versatile, sophisticated shoes yet. Each shoe is stylishly designed to transition from the workplace to a night out while building upon our patented footbed design for comfort. Pair these shoes with pant, skirt, or dress and don't be surprised when the next person asks where your shoes are from.

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