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We are a local independent shoe store with a big selection of comfort footwear.  we want to help you get the right item.  we don't sell shoes online. - which means we would like you to come into the store - so we can talk to you.   

Customer service can mean many things - we try to make it personal.  

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men's   shoes 


Moku Pae        $120

Translation: Boat, to come ashore

(moh-koo pah-eh)

Island  Salt



Trench Blue


Lae‘ahi Lauhala         $165

Translation: Crater in O'ahu known as Diamond Head; Woven

(lie-ah-he lah-oo-hah-lah)


New Color!

10486 ash_edited.png


They blended OluKai comfort with island craftsmanship to create the dapper Lae'ahi Lauhala. Made with antiqued and burnished leather that's been hand-woven into a traditional lauhala mat design, it'll class up any outfit. 

Engineered to perform both on and off the water, Moku Pae is quick-drying, breathable, and ultra-grippy. Built for ocean adventures, the Moku Pae brings a modern approach to the traditional boat shoe. 


Lae‘ahi            $100


Translation: Crater in O'ahu known as Diamond Head




Comfortable barefoot wear is paramount for the perfect, everyday beach sneaker. So they crafted the lightweight Lae‘ahi with Olukai's Drop-In-Heel® and a removable/washable insole, flawlessly blending ease of wear with the very best of island soul.


Moloā                    $140


Translation: Lazy

Moloa might translate to “lazy,” but Olukai prefers to think “laidback” is a better fit. From the boardwalk to the boardroom, the dapper Moloa in antiqued and waxed nubuck leather can handle a serious meeting or a spontaneous night out. Moloa is a true master of casual versatility.





Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili         $140

(lye-ah-hee lee ee-lee)

Translation: Crater in O'ahu now known as Diamond Head; Lace; Leather

Dark Java

What happens when the everyday beach sneaker gets a premium upgrade? Introducing the dapper Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili. Uncompromised comfort combines best-in-class construction with full-grain leather to put a sophisticated spring in your step. 

men's  sandals


‘Ohana                       $75



Translation: Family

Dark Java


In Hawai‘i, ‘ohana isn’t just immediate family; an ‘ohana is a sanctuary of friends and family where you can just be yourself. With that in mind, Olukai crafted the classic ‘Ohana as your go-to choice for everyday style. A water-resistant sandal with a smooth drop-in footbed for the perfect anatomical fit, the ‘Ohana makes your feet feel at home.

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Nalu Slide                 $80


Translation: Wave, Surf

Dark Java

With an aim to create a versatile slide sandal that glides over the sea and the street, Olukai brings you the Nalu Slide. Offering all-day comfort, breathability, the Nalu Slide is the perfect sandal when you need to transition from a surf session to pau hana.

Hokua                      $75

Translation: Crest of a Wave



Dark Wood

Long before Western sailors dipped a finger in that ocean, Polynesians had explored the entire Pacific on great voyaging canoes built in traditional yet sophisticated techniques. 


Ulele                       $80


Translation: Move Swiftly




From dawn patrol to pau hana drinks in Honolulu, Ulele is here. This water-friendly style embodies everything you love about your favorite sneakers—lightweight, versatile, modern—but in the ease of a sandal.

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