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Coming May '23

men's   shoes 


Moku Pae        $120

Engineered to perform both on and off the water, Moku Pae is quick-drying, breathable, and ultra-grippy. Built for ocean adventures, the Moku Pae brings a modern approach to the traditional boat shoe. 

Translation: Boat, to come ashore

(moh-koo pah-eh)

Island  Salt


Lae‘ahi Lauhala         $165

Translation: Crater in O'ahu known as Diamond Head; Woven

(lie-ah-he lah-oo-hah-lah)


They blended OluKai comfort with island craftsmanship to create the dapper Lae'ahi Lauhala. Made with antiqued and burnished leather that's been hand-woven into a traditional lauhala mat design, it'll class up any outfit. 


Lae‘ahi            $100


Translation: Crater in O'ahu known as Diamond Head




Comfortable barefoot wear is paramount for the perfect, everyday beach sneaker. So they crafted the lightweight Lae‘ahi with Olukai's Drop-In-Heel® and a removable/washable insole, flawlessly blending ease of wear with the very best of island soul.


Moloā                    $140


Translation: Lazy

Moloa might translate to “lazy,” but Olukai prefers to think “laidback” is a better fit. From the boardwalk to the boardroom, the dapper Moloa in antiqued and waxed nubuck leather can handle a serious meeting or a spontaneous night out. Moloa is a true master of casual versatility.



Dark Shadow

Lae‘ahi Lī          $140


Translation: Crater in O'ahu known as Diamond Head

Lae‘ahi Lī combines best-in-class construction with weather-resistant waxed canvas to put a sophisticated spring in your step—rain or shine. Before rubberized coats, waxed canvas was the go-to material for voyagers who needed to stay warm and dry at sea. Its water repellency and durability are next to none, so Olukai couldn't wait to try it out on their sneakers.


Pūnini                 $140

Translation: To go here and there out of a straight course; To tack, As a ship



All the nostalgia of retro sneakers reimagined for the beach lifestyle. Pūnini uses a classic lace-up design and contrasting materials for everyday style. Plus, with Olukai's contoured footbed, you won’t find a comfier off-court sneaker.

men's  sandals

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‘Ohana                       $75


Translation: Family

Nalu Slide                 $80


Translation: Wave, Surf

Dark Java


Dark Java

In Hawai‘i, ‘ohana isn’t just immediate family; an ‘ohana is a sanctuary of friends and family where you can just be yourself. With that in mind, Olukai crafted the classic ‘Ohana as your go-to choice for everyday style. A water-resistant sandal with a smooth drop-in footbed for the perfect anatomical fit, the ‘Ohana makes your feet feel at home.

With an aim to create a versatile slide sandal that glides over the sea and the street, Olukai brings you the Nalu Slide. Offering all-day comfort, breathability, the Nalu Slide is the perfect sandal when you need to transition from a surf session to pau hana.

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