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C a s u a l   s t y l e s 


CVT Hemp      $109.95

14W6201 Hemp Khaki Womens*

14W6204 Hemp Black Womens (ltd)

18M6201 Hemp Black Mens (ltd)

V-Soul                     $ 89.95

18W7201 V-Soul Black Womens

18W7202 V-Soul Silver Womens*

t r a i n i n g   &   r u n n i n g   s t y l e s 


V-Train & V-Train 2.0     $119.95

20W7701 V-Train 2.0 Blk/Blk Womens

20M7701 V-Train 2.0 Blk/Blk Mens


V-Alpha                   $114.95

18M7101 V-Alpha Black Mens

18W7101 V-Alpha Black Womens


V-Aqua                       $ 94.95

18M7301 V-Aqua Black Mens

19M7301 V-Aqua Blue Mens* (ltd)

18W7301 V-Aqua Black Womens (ltd)

19w7301 V-Aqua Lt Blue Womens (ltd)

run w.jpg

V-Run                     $134.95

16M3101 V-Run Black Mens

20W7003 V-Run Blue Womens*

T r a i l   s t y l e s 


V-Trail  2.0              $119.95

19M7601 V-Trail 2.0  Black Mens

19M7602 V-Trail 2.0 Ivy Mens  (ltd)

19M7603 V-Trail 2.0 Blue Mens* (ltd)

19W7601 V-Trail 2.0 Black Womens

V-Trek                     $119.95

18M7402 V-Trek Military Mens*

18M7403 V-Trek Khaki Mens (ltd)

18W7402 V-Trek Military Womens (ltd)


You are the technology when you engage the motion of bare feet with the ultimate training shoe from Vibram.

FiveFingers shoes have highly durable, flexible Vibram soles that contour to the shape of the natural human foot while offering the protection and grip for optimal all-around performance.

These minimalist shoes stay grounded while hiking, trekking, working out, bouldering, running, and indoor or outdoor adventures.

Vibram Fivefinger Logo_6x2_300dpi (Print