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Currently the only location in Las Vegas to try on and buy!

We are a local independent shoe store with a big selection of comfort footwear.  we want to help you get the right item.  we don't sell shoes online. - which means we would like you to come into the store - so we can talk to you.   

Customer service can mean many things - we try to make it personal.  

t r a i n i n g   &   r u n n i n g   s t y l e s 

V-Alpha                   $124.95

with Megagrip Sole


The V-Alpha is the essential outdoor minimal training tool, and is 100% true our original philosophy: a protective tool for the foot which allows ground sensory perception, performance and dexterity. The flexible rubber outsole features our most versatile compound, Vibram Megagrip. This compound provides both grip and durability over time in both wet and dry conditions.

vrun retro red.jpeg
vrun retro gray.jpeg

V-Run Retro                     $139.95

with XS TREK Sole


Inspired by classic FiveFingers running shoes, the V-Run Retro adds new Vibram technology to a familiar, beloved minimalist platform. Lightweight, flexible and super comfortable, the V-Run Retro features a grippy 4mm XS Trek performance rubber outsole that provides protection and confidence in every step. A 2mm foam insole, poly sockliner and a lightweight, minimal EVA arch pad add to the shoe’s overall comfort. The nylon mesh upper is soft and comfortable, while the fast lacing system provides a secure, snug fit on running surfaces such as roads, indoor tracks and treadmills. The V-Run Retro provides runners and athletes who cross train with a comfortable, grippy, minimalist solution for all of their workout needs.

V-Train 2.0             $129.95

 V-Train 2.0  LTD Camo     $134.95    

with XS TREK Sole

21M7702_MAIN (1).jpg

Sizes  40 - 47

The V-Train 2.0 is the perfect tool for serious trainers and functional athletes.

  • Good level of ground feel and protection with good toe articulation for great balance and active stability

  • Upper construction specifically designed for heavy training, focused on durability and performance

  • Distinctive rope traction lugs in the arch

  • Update panel lacing system with a Hook+Loop closure system, with new softer feel. Perfect for aggressive, lateral movements

  • XS Trek rubber compound for all around performance both indoor and outdoor

V-RUN YELLOW_PAIR_edited.png
vrun blkyell.jpeg
V-RUN-LIME-23W7003_PAIR (1)_edited.png

V-Run                     $139.95

with VI-LITE / MONT / XS Run Sole


Featuring a soft, perforated upper to maximize breathability, this model is very comfortable. This is an ideal running shoe for those making the transition from traditional footwear to a more minimalist approach. The thin sole construction lets you feel your run, connecting you to the true barefoot running experience.

Training Styles
V-Run Retro

T r a i l   s t y l e s 

Trail Styles

V-Trail  2.0              $134.95

with Megagrip Sole


V-Trek                     $129.95

with Megagrip Sole


The V-Trail 2.0 offers the latest and greatest features to conquer trails with ease, including both lamination around the toes to prevent seam splitting and improved upper material which is more water repellent than the previous version. The V-Trail 2.0 features 3D Cocoon mesh woven into the outsole for protection from sharper objects during outdoor training like rocks, roots and acorns. The mesh is tridimensional, it disperses the point of impact across the full bottom of the shoe. Continues to offer excellent proprioception and dexterity. The Megagrip outsole compound offers supreme grip across both wet and dry conditions.

The V-Trek is a great tool for walking, hiking and trekking, with a nice stylish urban flare as well. The Flexible outsole featuring Megagrip provides the premium outdoor formula for grip in both wet and dry conditions. A nice, polyurethane midsole with a bit of added thickness provides a bit more thickness and comfort, and our 50/50 blended wool and synthetic upper material helps to improve breathability and reduce odor. The mid-cut and traditional lacing system offers up a casual, sporty look as well. Synthetic fibers within the construction provide mechanical strength and durability.

V-Trek Insulated                    $139.95

with ICE TREK Sole

vtrek ins grey m.jpeg

The V-Trek Insulated keeps your feet warm, even as the temperatures drop. With a 360° fleece lining for warmth, and a non-absorbent water shedding shell that wicks away light moisture, it’s designed to keep you exploring in all conditions. It’s more comfortable and flexible than previous insulated FiveFingers, due to the brushed toe fabric and soft fleece lined collar, tongue and quarter panels. It features a protective film on top of and in between the toes for added protection, while water shedding is facilitated by the non-absorbent Hypatex overlay braces.

Insulated V-Trail

C a s u a l   s t y l e s 

KSO Eco Wool      $124.95

with Ecostep Natural Sole

KSO Eco           $114.95

with Ecostep Natural Sole

kso eco wool grey-blk.jpeg
kso eco grey.jpeg

The lightweight and breathable wool upper is soft, form-fitting, super comfortable and warm, while the wool sockliner feels great underfoot with or without socks. Pair with Vibram Toe Socks for an additional measure of warmth. The quick-lace system provides a secure, snug fit for a variety of activities. For sustained care, we recommend hand-washing with cold water and air drying. The KSO ECO Wool is ideal for everyday use, from training to trails to walks around the neighborhood.

This super comfortable, everyday shoe redefines the core minimalist philosophy of Vibram FiveFingers, through its eco-conscious construction. KSO ECO is the first FiveFingers shoe to feature Vibram’s innovative Ecostep Natural outsole, which is made with more than 90% natural ingredients. This durable sole is flexible and grippy, with a color obtained from 100% natural pigments. The sustainable hemp upper material is soft, form-fitting and super comfortable, while the minimalist outsole (3mm) provides users with a strong connection to the ground. Lightweight and breathable, the KSO ECO is ideal for everyday use, from training to trails to walks around the neighborhood.

EL-X Knit      $119.95

with XS TREK Sole


This upgrade to a popular style merges the slip-on comfort of a soft, knitted upper combined with a grippy, minimalist outsole. The 3 mm XS Trek outsole provides an optimal balance of traction and durability on varied terrains. The EL-X Knit provides quality ground feel for those looking for a minimalist experience, and is ideal for casual, everyday use.

V-Soul                     $ 99.95

with XS TREK Sole

18W7201_MAIN 2.jpg

The V-Soul is our latest offering geared towards feminine, indoor alternative fitness. Stylish, Sleek and Snazzy, can be used across a variety of activities. The V-Soul falls within our "max feel product philosophy", providing maximum potential articulation and ground feel. Equipped with an adjustable, secure fit, it is also very open, light and flexible. Best uses for this shoe are functional fitness, plyometrics, Pilates and Yoga, among other activities.

S o l e     d e s c r i p t i o n s

Ecostep Natural

This minimalist, everyday shoe pairs an innovative, eco-friendly Vibram outsole with a lightweight, breathable and warm wool upper for all-day comfort.

The Vibram Ecostep Natural outsole is made from more than 90% natural ingredients, designed to reduce the impact to the environment. Yet it is still engineered for performance in grip, stability and comfort, providing the optimal balance of traction and durability. The 3mm minimalist outsole provides an excellent connection to the ground, and as an added bonus, the color is obtained from 100% natural pigments.


Vibram ® XS TREK is a technical compound that allows great overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction. Highly responsive to the various demands of life, XS TREK will carry you from the trail to the urban playground and even to indoor activities, due to its non- marking features.


Vibram® VI-LITE features the ultimate in lightweight, shock absorption cushioning, for maximum energy conservation. (SPACE) Vibram ® XS TREK is a technical compound that allows great overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction. Highly responsive to the various demands of life, XS TREK will carry you from the trail to the urban playground and even to indoor activities, due to its non- marking features


Vibram Megagrip offers excellent grip properties on both dry and wet terrain while maintaining a high level of durability.  Developed for the user who frequently encounters slippery surfaces, Megagrip offers an incomparable combination of grip and durability. 


Vibram MONT® compound formulation is optimized for mountaineering, treking, acrobatic, works and motorbike racing.  MONT is used to conquer the highest peaks in the world by offering the highest reliability on the most difficult terrain at low temperatures.

XS Run

Vibram® XS RUN provides a maximal stable hardness across a broad temperature range and the softness of the compound allows for expansive ground contact and grip across lug surfaces.  XS RUN also provides high grip on smooth surfaces.


Vibram ICETREK was developed to provide unparalleled grip on cold, icy or snow covered surfaces. The soft rubber compound in combination with uniquely designed lugs allows ICETREK soles to move swiftly on various icy surfaces.

xs trek
xs run
ice trek

Check out this great article repost from A Moderate Approach to Minimalist Shoes.png

You are the technology when you engage the motion of bare feet with the ultimate training shoe from Vibram.

Vibram Fivefinger Logo_6x2_300dpi (Print

FiveFingers shoes have highly durable, flexible Vibram soles that contour to the shape of the natural human foot while offering the protection and grip for optimal all-around performance.

These minimalist shoes stay grounded while hiking, trekking, working out, bouldering, running, and indoor or outdoor adventures.

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