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Birkenstock repairs

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How long does a repair take?

We strive to complete your repair in a timely manner. We estimate the in-shop time for traditional cork footbed sandals and shoes to be about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.

How do I send in my shoes for repair?

Simply box them up, fill out the repair form  and ship them to:

Desert Birkenstock
2021 N Rainbow Blvd #104

Las Vegas  NV  89108

(702) 638- 8008

Why Repair my Birkenstocks?

We have customers that always ask us this.  Most leather styles will always be cost effective to fix, but sometimes with other items  -  it's not the cheaper option, but you have a good reason:

  • Sentimental.  Traveled the world, got during high school - whatever the reason fixing -  is the ONLY option.

  • Limited Edition.  Can't replace that color or style?  You obviously love them - you wore them into the ground.

  • Size Issue.  Want that color - but it's not your size?  Many customers acquire used sandals in a style or color they cannot get any longer.  We can go up or down 2 sizes and make that work.

  • Change Footbed Type.  Want the soft?  Change an old pair from classic to soft or vice-versa ?  We do have a couple limitations with this type of repair - but it never hurts to ask!  It might be the best solution to make those sandals wearable again.

Not sure what you need??

Text us @ 702-859-8221 or

email us (

a few pictures so we can give you a general estimate.  That way if it's going to be more than you want to spend - you don't send them in for nothing.

Repair Form

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