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Reece Stone Waxy Burnished - 6024795300.png

W o m e n s  s a n d a l s

Reece Thong                  $124.95

Black Waxy Burnished

Stone Waxy Burnished

Cactus Waxy Burnished

Orange Waxy Burnished

Pearl Petrol Leather


Season Sandal                  $124.95

Black Leather*

White Leather

Reece Stone Waxy Burnished - 6024795300.png
Reece Cactus Waxy Burnished - 6024285300.png
Reece Orange Waxy - 6024695300.png
Reece Pearl Petrol - 6024115300.png

Marcy Sandal                  $134.95

Ronda Sandal                 $124.95


Pewter Metallic

Black Milled Nubuck

Ronda Ivory Milled Nubuck - 6027615300.png

Ivory Waxy Burnished

Black Waxy Burnished

Ronda Black Waxy Burnished - 6027470200.png

Maddy Sandal                  $134.95


Purple Milled Nubuck

Orange Milled Nubuck

Black Milled Nubuck

Ivory Milled Nubuck

Squares Dansko_edited.png
Maddy Black Milled Nubuck - 1510470200.png
Maddy Ivory Milled Nubuck - 1510616100.png

Black Waxy Burnished

Tiana Sandal                  $139.95

Racquel Sandal                            $ 109.95


Sand Herringbone Webbing

Black Webbing

Blue Webbing


W a t e r   F r i e n d l y

Kane Clog                               $ 79.95

Kandi Sandal                               $ 79.95

Kane Tie Dye Molded - 4145890100.png

Tye Dye




Kandi Pool Floats Molded - 4520520100.png

Flamingo Pools




Kane Blue Molded - 4145545400.png
Kane Pineapples Molded - 4145510100.png
4145180200 - Kane Black.png
Kandi Orange Molded - 4520696900.png
Kandi Pearl Iridescent Molded - 4520610100.png
Kandi Black Molded - 4520180200.png

S n e a k e r s 

Pace Walking Shoe                              $ 139.95

Pace Light Grey Mesh - 4205249369.png

Light Grey Mesh

Blue Mesh

Black Mesh

Blush Mesh*

Jade Mesh*

Squares Dansko_edited.png


Leela Tenny                     $134.95

5906102400 - Leela Black Waterproof Nubuck.png

Black Waterproof Nubuck

Moss Waterproof Nubuck

Chili  Waterproof Nubuck

Blue Waterproof Nubuck

Taupe Waterproof Nubuck

5906772400 - Leela Moss Waterproof Nubuck.png
5906632400 - Leela Chili Waterproof Nubuck.png
Squares Dansko_edited.png

C l o g  s

Sam Sling Clog             $129.95


Black Leather

Britney MaryJane Clog             $134.95


Tan Oiled Pull Up

Black Burnished Leather

Squares Dansko_edited.png

Berry Clog                                 $139.95

Berry Mushroom - 9421871600.png

Mushroom Nubuck

Black Nubuck

XP 2.0 Clog                                   $ 149.95 

3950420202 - XP 2.0 Color Wash Patent.png

Color Wash Patent

Engraved Floral Patent

Black Pull Up Leather


Lite Pro  Clog               $134.95 - $ 144.95

LT Pro Hero Patent - 5200850202.png

Hero Patent

Grey Prism

Black Flower Embossed 

Indigo Smooth

Lt Pro Black Flower - 5200360202.png

Professional Clog      $ 139.95 - 144.95

106989878 - Professional Camo Suede.png

Camo Suede

Black Cabrio

Wide Pro Black Cabrio


shoes  & boots

Paisley Hiking Shoe                 $144.95

4350241005 - Paisley Grey Blue Waterproof Nubuck.png

Grey/Blue Suede*

Black Suede (wide)

4359470294 - Paisley Black Suede.png

Frannie                                          $ 139.95 

Black Leather (wide)*

Fawna MaryJane                        $ 139.95 

Faithe Boot                           $174.95

Faithe Black - 5508360200.png

Black Leather

Squares Dansko_edited.png
fawna blk.png

Black Leather (wide too)*

C l o g  s   &    S h o e s 

p r o f e s s i o n a l    m e n s   c o l l e c t i o n 

Professional Mens Collection    $ 129.95 - 149.95

prof blk.png

Karl Black Box Clog

XP 2.0 Black Pull up

Wide Pro Black Cabrio

wynn blk.png
walker blk.png

Wynn Loafer Black Leather

Walker Lace Up Black Leather


Founded in 1990 by Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, Dansko’s mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives through great products, sincere passion and a commitment to a better tomorrow. Former horse trainers, Mandy and Peter sought the perfect “barn shoe.” They found it in a in a tiny shop in Europe -- the traditional clog. They returned with suitcases filled with clogs for family and friends, and soon started selling them from the back of their station wagon. Word of the clogs comfort traveled quickly, and Dansko (meaning “Danish shoe”) was born.

                   "In any business, employees are the

life-blood, they ARE the business.

Through our employees, Dansko will

learn, evolve and regenerate itself virtually forever, ensuring that we are able to deliver our brand promise today, tomorrow and for generations to come."

                                      — Mandy Cabot

In 2012, Dansko proudly became 100% employee-owned through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). The transition to employee ownership marked the continuation of Dansko's commitment to its employees, its community and its values.


At Dansko, they believe that comfortable shoes can change lives - we couldn't agree more! All of Dankso's women’s and men’s shoes are built for all-day comfort from the inside out.


Each Dansko shoe collection employs fist-class footbeds, high quality materials, supportive soles and roomy fits to produce some of the most comfortable shoes currently available.

In addition, the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) has recognized Dansko's commitment to offering the best comfort shoes for women and men by awarding their Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health to several of theircomfort shoe collections.


Many of Dansko's comfort shoes, clogs, boots, booties, sandals, flats and sneakers accommodate custom orthotics to help relieve a variety of foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis. 

Dansko styles feature: adjustable hook and loop straps, buckles, great arch support, men's shoes, women's shoes, women's sandals, wedges, heels, slip resistant bottoms, leather uppers, casual shoes, dress shoes