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Fit Suggestions

Making sure that you are getting the proper size can be a challenge.  Just like most other clothing items you deal with - size can vary dramatically from brand to brand.  


Please keep in mind that this is a general guideline and that some brands run small and others run large.  The size conversion table above can be used for most European brands that we carry in our store.  The exception may be Birkenstock which tends to run little large.  Certain styles in assorted brands may also run large. 

The key is really to try them on!


The general overall fit of more orthopedic shoes tends to feel different than what you may be used to.  European shoes tend to run more narrow in the heel with a wide toe box.  This fit allows for the heel to be held snug in place without scrunching the toes.  Most orthopedic brands also provide more arch support than their general "comfort" counterparts.  Orthopedic shoes generally have a deeper toe box and less cushion than other shoes.  Keep in mind that these are generalizations that are not true for every orthopedic shoe brand.

Our desire is to make sure that you are in the best fitting shoe possible!

alt fit technique
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When is the last time you had your feet measured? I’m betting not since you were a kid lining your feet up on a mat! The importance of a perfect fit is just as significant when you are an adult, but online shopping and big business has changed the way our feet are cared for. A common concern when it comes to foot health, having properly fitted shoes can help prevent injuries to the foot. Our feet affect our posture and gait, which in turn affects the biomechanics and overall bodily structure. With 33 joints, 26 bones, and over 100 ligaments, the potential for serious injury is much greater than one realizes. Although the feet cease growth in adulthood, they still change shape as they mature. Some say the service you receive is immeasurable 😏 so fit your feet to the most supportive shoe at Desert Birkenstock today!

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