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Meet our Team

amy head shot.heic

Amy Coykendall


I'm in the store a lot but not all the time; I have the most knowledge. 30 years will get you some serious amounts of foot info (sometimes too much), but every once in a while I am still surprised. I try to teach all my tips and tricks to the staff and customers.  I try to be practical, but                            have fun with new stuff too.  I am the

                               company movie buff.  While I

                                  haven't, of course, seen

                                      everything - I have quite an

                                  extensive library.  I'm pretty sure

                      I'm the nerd of the group  -

     not the shy or quiet nerd - you can definitely hear me on the sales floor every time.


Dusty Boland

Asst Manager

I've been with Desert Birkenstock since 2015,  started in Henderson, but moved over to the Rainbow store after the pandemic.  I'm a soft spoken person who knows a lot about your feet and shoes.  My demeanor makes me the gambling shark I am -they never see me coming.  I'm a pretty lucky guy - the rest of the staff are just jealous - so I buy them lunch sometimes.  Even if you're not the person I'm helping 

- I'll help find shoes for the person who is. 

I am the ninja salesman of our group.  

People get up to pay and realize they

have 2 more shoes than what they came

looking for - BUT they love 'em


Cat farrell

Social Marketing Mgr

You don't see me in the store all the time, but if you do I am usually filming for our Reels or painting the front window.  I also coordinate all material for various doctor's offices all over town.  I work from home so I can do all that amazing creative stuff  as I raise my 3 beautiful children.  Not to toot my own horn -

BUT I am an amazing artist.

(The windows are all freehand) 

I love working with this team and

the doctors offices that I visit.   

Marketing is always fun

- but when there is a beneficial purpose to

your wares - it's even better.

cat image_edited.png

caitlyn Jones


Brand new in from San Diego Birkenstock, I have now usurped Hannah as youngest team member.  I am knowledgeable in all the brands we carry and can help you with that difficult foot situation.  Self proclaimed "loud, boisterous and talks too much"  you will always find me in the store (besides the fiery red hair!) talking someone's ear off.                     I am a also a 3rd generation musician.            My instrument of choice                                           is the Viola

- although having just                                      moved here, I'm not                                    currently playing with                                  anyone - but looking for a home.

Mary & Gordon

Last but not Least...


Gordon Smith & Mary Hager 

Comfort Pioneer



Repair Guru


Gordon Smith
11/25/43 - 6/30/21

Truly amazing people  - my in-laws.  Mary started the store in 1981. A comfort pioneer in Las Vegas with Birkenstock and one or 2 other brands in the store.  Most remember the original Charleston store  - 600 sq feet of comfort shoe goodness.  With her mom as the accountant -Grandma Kay- and Gordon doing repairs on his weekends from the Barber Shop, they were truly an inspiring couple. I joined in 1995 and worked in the store learning the business, and took over the stores in 2011 while Mary semi-retired.  Over the years the repair mantel went to Uncle Bruce, then my husband  - now to our current guy. Finally they completely retired and starting doing some  traveling.  Sadly life happens and we lost Gordon in June of 2021.

Mary's barely home much as she continues her traveling adventures.  She stops in the store sometimes when she's in town, just to see what's new. 

 A family store in every

sense of the word. 

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