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We try to have a variety of information for you to access.  We aren't just a shoe store. 

We care about what you need and how you can get it.    We take this all very seriously.  Please check out various places on the website - you might be surprised how much we offer.

gift certificates

Not sure what to get?  A gift certificate can save the day.  

arch supports

An easy way to change the feel of your current footwear into something so much better!


Make sure to bring an "average shoe" in so you can decide which one feels the best.

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Have questions?

Want to talk to a real person?  Call us and we'll help as much as possible!

foot & shoe
care essentials

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Products geared to take care of your shoes and your feet.


Travel Guide

Need a couple ideas of what footwear might work for your trip?  We get people in the store all the time looking for good travel footwear.  Check out some of the tried and true suggestions that have worked for many of our travelers over the years.

Amazing                 finds

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Birkenstock repairs