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I love these books!  I have them for numerous countries as well as a few cities I visited.  I love the graphics.  They are useful and interesting.  I also have quite a few of their other series - history, mythology, religion.  Awesome books!

Example of Inside....


12 Pack
Clear Shoe
Storage Bins

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Perfect for my Dad.
Makes it easier for everyone.
Stores easy and Lightweight.  Plus handy extra functions too!

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Having problems bending over to tie your shoes?  Just want to slip them on?   Bungee Laces offer you a solution that will still keep your shoes on.  With this style you can tie and leave or use the clips for hidden ends.   Make sure to measure the existing laces to get the right size and so many colors to choose from.

We carry so many different shoes and every shoe has a different lace length or color.  Sometimes when you get these at the store you have maybe 2-3 color choices.  With all the fun shoes out there now, you can mix and match.  Take out your existing lace to measure for the right length.


Crepe is an old fashioned material used for a ton of different things.  We use crepe to clean shoes. 

Crepe is great for delicate materials such as suedes  or very light colors.  You can trim a small piece off to get in those nitty gritty areas of the shoes that your cleaning eraser might not. 

So even though we are recommending for shoe care, there are many different uses.

Check out this video where Tiff shows us

How to Lighten Tobacco Oiled Leather

using the Crepe Eraser and a few other tools.

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Moleskin is basically magic bandaid material.  It's shown here stuck to the foot- but for most of our customers it's a quick fix for that inside seam that your foot just doesn't like.  Or to pad the heel area that you wore down and is giving you a blister.  This looks like a lot but for the price I think it makes more sense even if you do have it for a while.  Share with your family.


Perfect for helping Flat Feet break in those new Birks

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