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The Elusive Taupe Suede Boston

Everyone and their mother is looking for the

Taupe Suede Boston, but WHY?

Birkenstock Boston Taupe Suede
Boston Taupe Suede

Affectionately known as the "Potato Shoe", the Birkenstock Boston in Taupe Suede has become one of the most highly sought after shoes in 2022 - we have had HUNDREDS of phone calls from people all over the country looking for this shoe. We have even had emails and messages coming from all over the world asking for this a small business that tells us that something is up with Birkenstock, because ideally you should be able to get it directly from the source, right? WRONG.

Kanye West wears Birkenstock Boston in Taupe Suede
Kanye Rocks the Stocks

Since Kanye West was seen wearing the Taupe Suede Boston in January of 2020 the hype on these shoes has progressively gotten bigger and bigger. Between TikTok and star sightings the Bostons have blown up.

So where do we stand on the "Great Boston Shortage of 2022"?

Every Authorized Birkenstock Retailer is sold out of the Boston in Taupe Suede and there likely won't be a re-stock for the next 6 - 9 months, yes you read that right SIX to NINE MONTHS.

If you are trying to find them for you loved one for Christmas, it is going to be a challenge and we want to prepare you by equipping you with knowledge.

Key pieces of information that you need to know

before going on the hunt for the Taupe Suede Boston:

  • Birkenstock is SOLD OUT.

  • As of 10/10/22 the cost of the Boston is $160 - $170.

  • DO NOT BUY Birkenstocks on AMAZON, they're counterfeits- Read here for explanation

  • Birkenstock only owns 3 store fronts in the United States.

  • Authorized Birkenstock Retailers are typically independently owned small businesses - Birkenstock does not franchise. (There are only a few large chains that carry Birkenstock)

  • Retailers do not have access to the inventory of any other independently owned stores.

  • Size - please be sure you KNOW your size before calling around - Birks are in European sizes and US sizes don't always translate.

This may be a frustrating search, but it will be worth it if you are able to miraculously find your size. Do you know your Birkenstock size?? If you have never worn Birkenstocks, PLEASE get yourself measured at your nearest retailer and TRY ON something similar to what you are trying to purchase. Birkenstocks are like jeans, you may be a 14 in one brand and 16 in another brand. Save yourself that headache of an exchange or return. Plus they are in European sizes - so just another wrench in the whole search.

Here's a Quick Guide on

(not just for kids)

How to Measure for Birkenstocks

We put together a quick video to show you how to properly find the measurement for Birkenstocks - we're here to help if you have any questions. Although this is geared toward shopping for kids, it is a universal process to find the proper size by measuring heel to longest toe.

How to Measure for Birkenstocks

On the exchange/return note - if you didn't purchase the pair of shoes from us originally, we can't do a return, but we MAY be able to do an exchange (see store for details).

For example, if you purchased shoes from Birkenstock's website, we can't give you money back that we didn't receive in the first place, but if it is something we carry and we can help you get the right item - we are more than happy to try!

Remember, Patience and Kindness go a LONG way - we are just as frustrated as you are that we don't have what you are looking for. We really want to sell you a shoe. We get disgruntled customer calls all day - more than we care to admit - very upset with us about something that is completely out of our control.

Birkenstock Boston Suede & Leather Grip

Now, there are alternatives. It may not be the Boston in taupe suede but some are better and a little more versatile. Taupe suede is a hard color to maintain. It attracts every particle of dirt and will stain very easily. Right now - we have a few other colors available to choose from in leathers - such as tobacco, vintage rust, black or habana and some iron - but they are going fast! We also have some Boston suedes in stone coin and blackberry wine and some shearlings.

Birkenstock Buckley, Boston & Zermatt

Zermatt Gray Taupe Suede, Navy & Eggshell Canvas
Tiff Rockin' the Zermatt

There are also a couple other styles that may give you that Birkenstock comfort and vibe and not be a Boston

- like the Buckley or Zermatt.

Check out the store to see the whole spectrum.

Birkenstock Buckley in Lilac & Dove Gray; Navy, Tea, Pink Clay & Black Suede

I hope that this information was helpful

in the midst of these crazy times.

Thank you for reading!

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