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Barge Cement has many uses, but we like to use it for quick fixes on Birkenstocks until you are ready to send them in for a Recraft or Resole.


Uses include:

  • Reattaching straps that are separated from the sides of the footbed.
  • Preventing a peeling footbed liner from peeling any more.
  • Temporarily reattching sole material to the footbed.
  • Filling in cracks in the cork footbed
    • **Not ideal for the crack at the flexpoint that eventually develops in all Birkenstock footbeds.**


How to use:

  1. Apply Barge Cement to both surfaces you are intending to adhere and allow to dry for 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Use pressure to apply and hold parts together and leave overnight to dry.


Barge Cement will not work on oily surfaces - so if you use your shoes in a greasy kitchen environment, this may not be the solution. Contact us regarding a Recraft/Resole.


If you are unsure if this will help, please reachout to our team with questions - photos are helpful.

Barge Cement - 3/4 oz tube

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