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The Blue Footbed utilizes the principle of walking barefoot. It is based on the impression left by a healthy foot in sand, creating a natural environment for your feet. The heel area is cushioned and stabilized thanks to the raised design. The Footbed consists of a silk liner with cork underneath to give the shock absortion capability.  This also supports the natural arch of the foot. The Blue Footbed is therefore ideal for anyone who would like to enjoy the unique comfort of BIRKENSTOCK in enclosed shoes made by other brands too.


  • Anatomical footbed shape
  • Excellent heel stabilization
  • Optimum damping
  • For traditional business and leisure shoes with a slight heel - (classic or heeled)  This can also be used in a flat shoe.  The arch will feel high but the metatarsal arch will be diminished.    Great for fashion boots, pumps - but you can use in anything they fit in.  Need to try both to really feel the difference.  Subtle - but important to some.
  • For modern business, leisure, and sports shoes without a heel - (sport or casual)  This one can again be used in anything it will fit in.  On this one the arch is still high but the metatarsal arch will feel higher than on the heeled version.  The metatarsal arch helps with toe issues, neuromas and ball of the foot issues. Again need to try both to really feel the difference. Subtle - but important to some.

Birkenstock Blue Footbed - Sport/Casual

  • The Blue Footbed by Birkenstock takes up little room in shoes allowing for a wider variety of footwear that you can enhance.  We have found that the Sport/Casual Blue Footbed tends to emphasize a higher metatarsal pad  and fits better in casual wear, such as tennis shoes, loafers,  or work boots.  The Classic/Heeled Blue Footbed tends to emphasize the arch with a lower metatarsal due to the angle of the footbed.  We find these are good  especially in heels and fashion boots.  Both footbeds can be interchanged - depending on where you prefer emphasis on the foot.

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