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We offer our customers what is called a Birkenstock Tune-up where we clean your uppers (the part that covers your foot) and seal the cork.  Our cleaning service offers a way to lengthen the life of your favorite Birkenstocks.  We will clean your uppers to the best of our ability.  Mind you - we can't do miracles - but we can usually get them pretty clean.  We will also clean and reseal your cork.  How it works is simple:

1. Purchase our shoe repair service.

2. Send us your shoes per the instruction link below.

3. Once we receive your shoes, you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know we received them.  Repairs have about a 2 week in house time depending on when we get them from you.

4. Our shoe repair experts will work their magic!

(NOTE: We may contact you for more information or to discuss your repair before beginning that magic!)

5. Once repaired, we will send them back to you via standard shipping with a confirmation email that they are on their way.

If you have any questions, Please contact us.



Birkenstock Cleaning

  • We do not clean the footbed of the shoe for sanitation and health reasons. We have received shoes that have had athlete's foot, mold/fungus, or that have been bled in, urinated on (both by pets and humans), we once even received a pair with bed bugs. Most of these cases have been recrafted where the old footbed is thrown away (in some cases the whole shoe). To keep our staff safe, we do not clean the footbeds for a Tune-up because a nubuck block, suede brush or sandpaper must be used to clean the footbed, which creates dust that can carry pathogens through the surrounding air.

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