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Comfort Community

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Las Vegas is an unusual place to live. (and  I'm not talking about the slot machines at the gas stations.) Until you've lived here  awhile, you really don't understand Las Vegans. 


There is NO PLACE like Las Vegas  - there's no downtown, no city center - but we have communities all over the city.

Yet we're one and we're strong - VEGAS STRONG! 

 No matter how big we get we will always seem, in some respects, like a smaller city.


Many of our patrons bond not because of where they work  - but how they work.  We are a 24/7 town - and we thrive on it.  Our working communities need to stick together and

we are proud to help them do so comfortably.


Don't be left out!

We want to be your
work shoe one-stop-shop!

come in and get your card today


see you soon!

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