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Kit contains:

  • 2oz Water & Stain Repellent  (Keeps your upper straps from absorbing water & stains)
  • 2oz Footbed Cleaner & Refresher  (Cleans and deoderizes your suede footbeds)
  • 1.5oz Cork Sealer  (Seals and protects your cork footbed from cracking and chiping)
  • Suede Brush & Nubuck Block   (Brush out dirt and renew the nap on your suede uppers, straps and footbeds)


Learn How to Clean Your Birkenstocks Here

Birkenstock Shoe Care Kit

  • Want your Birkenstocks to last?  This Shoe Care Kit is your best bet.  Everything you will need to take care of your shoes.  Not only is all the information on the individual items  - you can also visit our YouTube channel and get live demonstrations.  Taking care of your Birkenstocks makes good sense.

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