Introducing: Vegas Muscle Therapy

Desert Birkenstock has always been about ground up foot health.

Being in Las Vegas means you are on concrete all the time with everything you do. Hard floors being so popular gives you a double whammy of stress on your feet, knees, legs and back. Many times our customers are surprised at how knowledgeable my staff and I are. It definitely takes time to learn all the ins and outs of dealing with foot problems - but also how those foot problems can translate in other body issues.

Much of the information I have learned over the years in conjunction with the knowledge I have gleaned from my husband has helped me - and my staff - understand how very important body alignment is - starting with your feet and working upwards makes a difference to your total health.

Please check out his website and call if you have any questions.

I may be biased - but he is very in-tune with body mechanics and has a magic touch. Many of his clients he has had for over a decade. Thanks for checking out our blog. Hope to see you soon.

Amy Coykendall,

Owner - Desert Birkenstock

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