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It is with heavy heart....

It is with heavy heart that we say goodbye to Gordon Smith.

My father-in-law was probably one of the most kind, gentle souls I have ever met.

He was the heart of our family and will be sorely missed.

Mary and Gordon owned Desert Birkenstock when I met my husband and we came

down to Las Vegas to live. He ran our repair department for 25 years.

He did the repairs himself to start - was trained by Birkenstock to do them.

He trained Uncle Bruce and then my husband, Michael, to do repairs. He oversaw all the custom repairs himself and was part of every Earth Fair - doing tune ups behind the table - for many years. When Mary retired 10 years ago he slowly gave up the reins to my husband - but trained our new repair guy - to make sure the quality repairs we did for so many years continued.

We will miss him dearly.

- Amy Coykendall

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