Spring Cleaning Your Shoe Closet...

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With spring cleaning season just around the corner, you may have decided it’s finally time to wade through that muddled mess of footwear lying in your closet. After all, there’s no better way to make room for new spring styles than by doing a deep clean and getting organized. To help make the experience a breeze, we’ve rounded up a range of handy tips for tidying up your closet — some of which you may not have heard of before. Read on to discover them all.

Depending on your personality, time allotment, and the amount of

shoes you own, giving your shoe collection a good spring-cleaning

can be a quick process or can take a bit longer.

(How many shoes are in your closet??)


Here’s the game plan I followed in deciding what to keep and what to donate.

Taking Everything Out. I literally took every pair of shoes I own out of the closet and various other storage areas and put them in the middle of the floor. This way I knew exactly what I had. Seeing the mountain of sandals, flats, boots, and various other styles, I felt more motivated than overwhelmed. But if that does seem overwhelming, start small.

  1. Group Like Items Together. I made piles according to what the styles were. All my dressy heels went in one pile, boots in another, flats, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, etc.

  2. Evaluate. Looking at each section, I really evaluated each and every shoe. Was it damaged or stained? And if so, would I actually ever take it in for repairs? (Maybe? Was it overly trendy? Did it still fit my lifestyle? Did it pinch or cause blisters? Did I still love it?

  3. Purge. Start by placing all your shoes in front of you and dividing them into three groups: toss, giveaway and keep.

Toss: Any shoes that are damaged beyond repair or too worn out to give away.

Give away: Pairs that are lightly worn. These

could be pairs you decide you don’t

like anymore or are simply out of style. You

can either donate them to charity or try

to sell them on resale sites.

Keep: Styles that you love and know you will continue to wear. Do they need to

repaired or cleaned. After all is said and done - now's the time. When it comes to

pairs you’re indecisive about, get rid of those you haven’t worn in the past 1 - 2


5. Put Everything Away. You may or may not have plenty of storage space for your shoes but you still want to be “smart” with how you store them so they stay in good shape and are

easy to find.

6. Organize.

Organize by seasonality and frequency of use: Once you’ve decided which pairs to keep, organize further by segregating styles you know you won’t be wearing in the coming months. During spring and summer, winter boots can be stored in bins under your bed where you won’t need to access them. For styles like dressy heels you’ll probably only wear for special occasions, place them in clear, stackable shoe boxes at the top of your closet. Not only will this method keep prized pairs out of the way, but it’s also a great for showcasing them while keeping them protected.

If space isn’t an issue, try a shoe tree: These allow you to store and display multiple pairs — making it look (and feel) as if you live in your own personal shoe store.


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