Finally, the Right Shoe Storage

After all the pandemic clean out and purging of unnecessary items from the house, I tackled my shoes. I do this every this every couple years anyway, because they pile up. I stop wearing certain pairs for no real good reason but that maybe I moved on, the style really didn't work for me - or - like many women - it was an impulse buy. I really liked them at the time, but every time I put them on I'd take them right back off. Cleaning out your shoe closet can be a process, but I wrote about my Spring Cleaning & purging process that really helped me here.

Now I have a lot of Birkenstocks. I also only have A LOT of one style. I have a favorite style and I have ... (wait for it)...28 different colors. I have a few more than the picture shows - but they are so old I couldn't find a picture of them anywhere. Yes, I know that's quite a few pairs of one style - but as I explain to my customers - I went to high school in the late 80's and everything always had to match. You went to Gap, bought a shirt and made sure you had the socks in the matching color. So needless to say I'm a little matchy-matchy with my outfits. I will say in my defense that I have found most people stick with the same styles more often than not. I think you get used to the look and how the straps grab you. I have very few customers that wear more than 1 - 2 styles regularly.

I decided my shoe storage was ...well, awful. It wasn't bad but all my shoes were in their boxes stacked at the top of my closet. Between pulling them down and back, age of the box etc. they were starting to deteriorate and I didn't want to do the same thing anymore. After much looking and research, I found the perfect style for me.


Measure the shoe box your shoes are in. If it seems a good size, (there's not a lot of extra room in the box, but not so tight that your shoes are squished) that's going to be your template.

2. Measure the space you have to put your system. I know that sounds dumb - but makes a huge difference. The systems I am going to show you come in different sizes for your different

kinds of shoes. SO when you order - please make sure you

really look at the dimensions of your space and the box to get the most

bang for your buck.

This is the system I decided I really liked - SESENO 12 pack Shoe Storage

Now there were a couple reasons I picked this particular model. There were so many that look the same, but you have to read the fine print.

  • Clear - could see my shoes easily

  • Could stack in any configuration

  • Needed the vent in back

  • Front opened out like a door

  • Were affordable

The dimensions of the box is a huge factor. Everyone's shoes are different. I wear a ladies 10 and I was able to get 2 pair of my sandals into every box. Shoes were only 1 pair per box. The most important factor for me was that the face opened out like a door. All my boxes are at the top of the closet. If they had opened down, I would never be able to get to the ones at the top. As it is I still need a step stool to reach, but it works and I maximize my space. In order to be able to locate my shoes easily, I did labels on the outside, so I know where everything is. I group colors together - because like I said 28 different colors in the same sandal. My shoes I can see so I didn't feel they needed labels.

Now you could probably stack this set of 12 shoe storage boxes by Pinkpum where the front opens up or down. If you have them low that will work but up above it prevents you from getting into them.